Coast Mountains School District can offer you a student destination that offers a high-quality personalized education while enjoying the local culture, outdoor recreational activities, hands-on natural resources and the safety and friendliness of a smaller community that will enhance your learning and development of the English language.

Our school district is part of the public education school system operated by the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Education.  The Ministry of Education ensures that there is a consistent delivery of education throughout all sixty provincial school districts.

Our International Student Program encompasses Grades 9 to 12, Full Year Programs (10 months) and One Semester Programs (5 months) in fully integrated programs with Canadian students.  ELL (English Language Learner) programs are available at all schools to support the needs of international students.  Prior to acceptance in our International Student Program students will be required to complete a language proficiency assessment such as the TOEFL or IELTS as detailed in the Program section of our website.

Visit our International Student Program schools:

Hazelton Secondary School

2725 Highway 62
Hazelton, B.C. V0J 1Y0 Canada

– Grades 8 to 12
– Student Population: 325
– Website:



Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School

1491 Kingfisher Avenue
Kitimat, B.C. V8C 1E9 Canada

– Grades 7 to 12
– Student Population: 423 students
– Website:



Skeena Middle School

3411 Munroe Street
Terrace, B.C. V8G 3C1 Canada

 – Grades 7 to 9
– Student Population:  515 students
– Website:



Caledonia Secondary School

3605 Munroe Street
Terrace, B.C. V8G 3C4 Canada

– Grades 10 to 12
– Student Population:  519 students
– Website:


“Creating opportunities for learning, opportunities for life”

Coast Mountains School District supports learners in achieving success and realizing their potential as educated citizens.