Why Study in British Columbia, Canada?

You would like to continue your High School education in British Columbia, Canada but want to know more about why BC is the best province of Canada study.

To ensure you have as much information to help you make a choice, please check out BC for High School website>> 

This government website provides current and potential international students, their families and agents with orientation information intended to:

  • Support international students as they prepare for and adjust to their new life in BC
  • Strengthen BC’s reputation for providing exceptional educational experiences

The site is mobile-device optimized and offers popular languages from around the world. The website provides information about:

  • What makes BC an attractive destination to study and live
  • BC’s school system
  • Health and safety
  • Key contact information

CMSD 82 international student education - Student catching a salmon in the skeena river.

Please reference the BC for High School Brochure>> for other helpful information for promoting BC to international students.

Come and learn with Coast Mountains School District and enjoy an enriching international experience!


I want to learn more about the International Student Process

You are in the right place! The link below will take you to our process and how to get started right away:

International Student Application pROCESS>>